Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daniel Jangwon Yang: Gotta Dance

Gotta Dance

“Gotta Dance”, a short story written by Jackson Jodie Daviss, is about a born dancer, Katie. She is a born dancer. She has uncontrollable passion to express herself in dancing while her family doesn’t like her to dance. Due to this reason, she leaves home and comes across many people during her wandering. She responds to them with love and care. Katie is a caring person.

Katie is a caring person. She easily feels sympathy for people whom she meets. She doesn’t pass by the people whom she feels sympathy for. For instance, she offers a meal to a young gaunt man at the restaurant. She couldn’t ignore that, when he eats up the soup and asks for more bread without a main dish. There is another example showing her traits. She leaves coins for the street kids after her performance in front of the theater. Actually, she could expect some coins from the audience in the case. However she empties her purse for the kids instead of collecting the money. She loves and cares for people, whenever she meets people deserving her sympathy.

Katie meets many people since she leaves home. She feels sympathy for people such as a young gaunt man at the restaurant and street boys begging for coins in the crowds in front of the theater. She also feels sympathy for a boy in a bus from her heart, expressing that she hates him. She acts most of the time when she feels sympathy. This action can’t be performed, unless she is a really loving and caring person.

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